Assisted design that helped consumers save at checkout


iOS app for one of the fastest growing startups in the USA where users can buy and sell gift cards.


The client expressed a need for every single wireframe to be visually comped. Also many designers were cycled throughout the project, leaving room for inconsistencies.


I personally owned each screen at the end of the day before launch of v.1 of the app to consolidate inconsistencies. I made organized templates to make every single wireframe a UI comp.

Lessons Learned

Not every screen needs to be designed if you develop careful guidelines and specifications about text wrapping, shrinking, and specific bounding boxes.

V.1 Deliverables

100+ Comps

All assets for development

Specification Document

UI Kit

App Store Assets

App map

Every single wireframe was translated to UI comps and more comps were made to convey interactions.


Sorting and filtering lists of available gift cards was used to condense the large output of information.


The Raise wallet is a space to track the amount of money left on bought cards, cards that the consumer uploads to the marketplace, and receipts of all bought and sold cards transactions.


The Raise navigation not only brought you to the several sections of the app, but tracked the consumers sign up process and made sure that they always knew what sections they still had left to complete.