Assisted design that enticed consumers into buying unforgettable experiences


An iOS app that allows users to buy secondhand market event tickets.


Viagogo had minimal brand direction to base our designs off of. They expressed a need for an image heavy interface, while their image database lacked quality. The app also required localization in nine languages.


We evolved their brand to give a voice to the UI, which they ended up incorporating into their overall brand. The design blurred images and accompanied them with text to work around poor image quality. Localization models for text bounding areas were designed and QA’d heavily in nine languages.

Lessons Learned

Checkout can be invigorating and should delight the user by reminding them that what they are getting is worth the money.


Checkout flow and interaction model

Detail page flow and interaction model

Stress tests in nine languages

All App Store and Play Store assets

Responsive marketing email template and specs

Several sized banner ad templates with specs

Checkout Drawer

At any point during the checkout flow the user needs to be able to double check the details of their tickets or edit those details. 

It was also important to show the user a glimpse of the main attraction to keep them enticed through the checkout process.

We also wanted to highlight how quick the process could be with a four-step progress bar.  

Event Leaf

The design accompanies any photo with any title and minimizes the photo when browsing through events. 

The design incorporates controls like filter, sort, and change location.

The design incorporates high level details of each event ranging from price, date, location and time.

Marketing Initiative

The marketing material accurately depicts the app on the App Store and Play store as well as on the Viagogo website, and responsive email campaign to drive downloads.